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Sharing and Spreading Kaizen Improvements

Thanks for your interest in KaiNexus and our web-based improvement platform that supports Kaizen and other improvement methodologies. We have great features to help you share and spread improvements throughout your multi-site organization.

Learn more about our entire solution by visiting our home page.

Continously Improving KaiNexus:

2014 is turning out to be a year of significant growth and improvement for KaiNexus.

For example, we've recently:

  • Doubled the size of our team with the addition of a great group of talented new people
  • Secured a round of funding that will fuel our development
  • Expanded our platform's use to several new industries
  • Introduced a new blog

Part of the changes we're undergoing include the introduction of this new website, which we think does a great job of explaining the value of KaiNexus in an easily digested format.  

Check out the new Support Center!

Whether you'd prefer to browse the content or search for a specific topic, the new Support Center has been specifically designed to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for. It's also way easier for you to submit requests for help - just click on the "Submit a Request" button in the top right of the Support Center. 

Can't find something you're looking for?  Email support@kainexus.com for help.