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We Need to Work Together

Collaborate to Improve the COVID Vaccination Process

VacciNexus v2


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As healthcare organizations and governmental bodies face the new challenge of quickly vaccinating people against Covid-19, there are great opportunities for better process design and more effective process improvement. 

KaiNexus is happy to partner with Value Capture to bring you a free online platform for sharing and learning. Built using KaiNexus technology, this site will allow you to easily:

  • Share your Covid vaccination process improvements
  • Read and learn from improvements shared by other organizations

A sense of urgency in these unprecedented times compels us to iterate, learn, improve, and share. Please join us in these efforts by filling out this form.

For more information, check out VacciNexus FAQs here.

* Participation is limited to those who work for a healthcare organization or government entity. Please sign up with your work email address. *

Feeling Siloed?

From sourcing supplies to scheduling appointments, the COVID vaccination process is ripe with opportunities for improvement. Organizations around the world are doing an incredible job of developing processes on the fly. VacciNexus gives them the opportunity to share those ideas so other may learn from - and build off of - their successes.

Join VacciNexus so you don't have to go it alone anymore.

VacciNexus Main Dashboard
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See, Solve & Share

VacciNexus gives submitters and readers the opportunity to engage in discussion around improvements.

See what type of organization implemented each improvement (hospital, clinic, public health, mass vaccination site, etc), and check out the description of their work. See what you can adopt for your own organization, and build off the success of others.

Using the comment section at the bottom of each improvement, ask the submitter your questions to get answers directly from the source. If you've solved a similar problem, leave a comment so other readers can implement your ideas too!

Search the System

Search the system to find the most relevant improvements. Whether you're looking for details about drive-through vaccination sites, what to do with leftover vaccines, vaccinations in long-term care facilities, or how to increase staff vaccination rates, you can find how other people have solved these problems with the Search tool.

Quit reinventing the wheel.

VacciNexus Search Results
VaciNexus Add an Impact

Browse by Impact

The VacciNexus dashboard is organized by area of impact, so that you can browse the improvements more relevant to the problems you need to solve. Current categories include:

  • Communication (Patient, Internal, and Reporting)
  • Satisfaction (Patient and Staff/Volunteer)
  • Patient Access (Appointments, Patient Wait Time, Post-Vaccination Observation, Equity)
  • Vaccines & Supplies (Vaccine Availability, Reducing Vaccine Waste, Supplies)
  • Safety (Vaccination Rates, Patient Safety, Staff & Volunteer Safety)

Attach Resources
& Cite Your Sources

Attach files and links to your improvements to cite sources, reference news articles, add pictures, and share any other relevant details. 

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VacciNexus is a free platform created by KaiNexus. All data entered into this platform is strictly the opinion of its authors and should be considered public and shared with the intent to help other organizations model your successes. KaiNexus and its partners assume no liability for nor do we make any representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, or reliability with respect to any information entered into or exported out of this platform. Do not enter PHI or other confidential information.