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Adaptive Design Kata: An Improvement and a Leadership Kata

Presented by Dr. John Kenagy

The Objective: Scientifically develop leaders at all levels to deliver exactly what patients and/or customers need at continually lower cost – low risk, high reward, fast.

Kata Learning Objectives – Know why and how:

1. Conventional, data-driven leadership and management systems, projects, consultants, and technologies fail in complex, dynamic, unpredictable work.
2. Adaptive Design (AD) Kata improves standardized work in real-time.
3. AD Kata Leaders use the Scientific Method to improve at all levels: frontline to C-Suite
4. The people on AD Kata Teams discover, adapt, and improve as part of their daily work
5. AD Kata Leaders continuously replicate and scale results, success, trust, and optimism appropriate to their level and without waste of any resource

(c) 2021, John W. Kenagy, MD. Adaptive Design and Ideal Patient Care are registered trademarks of John Kenagy

The Presenter:


Dr. John Kenagy

Dr. Kenagy knows healthcare as a vascular surgeon, executive, academic researcher, author, and innovator. But his most meaningful experience was as a patient following a critical injury. He discovered his survival depended on the efforts of dedicated, highly trained individuals working in an unpredictable, conflicted system (the current healthcare Kata). As a Visiting Scholar at Harvard Business School, his research translated Leading Indicator Systems from resilient companies like Toyota, Apple, Intel and Amazon to healthcare. His discovery: our solutions are designed-to-adapt Kata’s from leadership to the point of care.