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Real Continuous Improvement in Virtual Workplaces

Presented by
Chris Burnham, Senior Lean Strategy Director, KaiNexus
Tyler Clements, Customer Experience Analyst, Acentek
Mohamed Saleh, PhD, Founder & Principal, Vizibility llc

Are you now faced with the challenge of doing more improvement work in a virtual way, given the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Join us for a virtual panel discussion, hosted by KaiNexus and moderated by Mark Graban, with three improvement leaders who have recent experiences in this new era.

The Presenters:

Chris Burnham

Chris Burnham
Senior Lean Strategy Director at KaiNexus

Chris Burnham has eighteen years of experience in applying, teaching, and leading Continuous Improvement principles in a variety of industries.  He is the former host and producer of The Lean Leadership Podcast. He currently resides in Memphis, Tennessee where he leads a global program focused on employee-driven continuous improvement.



Tyler Clements

Tyler Clements
Customer Experience Analyst at AcenTek

Tyler Clements is a business professional with 15 years of combined experience in the telecommunications and financial education industries. He has held positions in customer service, sales, and continuous improvement. In his current role, he leads CI for AcenTek, which is an independent telecommunications company based in southeastern Minnesota, which serves roughly 20,000 internet subscribers over three states. His CI experience ranges from lean strategy planning, training, facilitation, to coaching. He currently serves as the Education Chair on the Board of Directors for 7 Rivers Lean Consortium based out of western Wisconsin, where his primary responsibility is to provide learning and networking opportunities for lean organizations in the 7 Rivers region.


Mohamed Saleh

Mohamed Saleh
Founder and Principal at Vizibility llc

Dr. Mohamed Saleh is an executive Lean advisor, professor, founder of Vizibility LLC and the M+ Group. Dr. Saleh has a successful track record anchored in two decades of hands-on Lean experience with a strong interest in making a global difference by providing distinctive leading-edge Lean-inspired education and advisory services aimed at helping organizations in healthcare and other industries achieve the highest levels of performance excellence. He’s an international speaker, writer, mentor, executive coach and experienced trainer with the ability to relate to all levels within an organization. His distinguishing factors include people skills, setting Lean visions, advising on system designs and leading full enterprise-wide organizational change. He has a doctorate in Business Administration and teaches at both the School of Engineering & Technology Management at Central Connecticut State University and MBA School at Elms College.