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Six Weeks to Success: How to double your output and half your stress by using 6-week improvement cycles

Presented by Simon Murray

Ultimately the value of any trainer, coach or leader is in their ability to deliver fully implemented projects on time to budget.

So many things in our modern world make this a real challenge; from remote teams to disengaged staff and conflicting priorities there are obstacles every step of the way.

In this session Simon will share his learnings from adopting a 6 week project cycle in both his own business and with clients. This cycle has led to a massive increase in team engagement and also a surprising rise in completed works.

In addition to sharing the results Simon will walk attendees through all of the steps and templates that he has adapted from the software development industry to better support the CI program in any organization.

The Presenters:

Simon Murray

Simon MurrayFrom bricks to bread, from family business to global multinational Simon has spent the last 20 years creating, leading, and coaching High Performance manufacturing teams. 

 With roles in reliability, project management, operations and General Management Simon has held many positions within a manufacturing business and as such offers a unique perspective to continuous improvement. 

 In 2012, Simon founded Your Maintenance Coach and has worked with dozens of businesses across 4 continents.  While predominantly focused on helping Maintenance and Reliability teams Simon’s passion is in Continuous Improvement and thrives in finding and implementing new ways to do old things.