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A Path Forward: Reflections on Patient Safety, Just Culture, and the Nursing Profession after the RaDonda Vaught Conviction

Mark Graban, Senior Advisor, KaiNexus

Dr. Greg Jacobson, CEO, KaiNexus
Kelley Reep, Clinical Nurse Specialist
Rebecca Love, Chief Clinical Officer, IntelyCare
Brian Weirich, Chief Nursing Officer, Banner Health

In this panel discussion webinar, you'll hear healthcare leaders and patient safety experts discuss the recent conviction of a nurse who worked at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, RaDonda Vaught.

You'll hear about the case and the circumstances that led to the tragic death of a patient, Charlene Murphey.

The discussion will focus on a path forward that focuses on patients and what we can do to prevent systemic errors from harming other patients.

About the Panelists:

Greg Jacobson, MD

Greg graduated from Washington University in St Louis in 1997 with a BS in Biology. He attended Baylor College of Medicine from 1997 to 2001. From 2001 to 2004, he completed a residency in Emergency Medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center where he then stayed on as faculty. Greg is the Chief Executive Officer and a co-founder of KaiNexus. He is an ER doctor that is fanatical about the single biggest barrier holding companies back from greatness - their lack of continuous improvement work. It has taken him down the path of developing KaiNexus.

Rebecca Love, RN, BS, MSN, FIEL

Rebecca is an experienced nurse executive and the first nurse featured on Ted.com. Rebecca, was the first Director of Nurse Innovation & Entrepreneurship in the United States at Northeastern School of Nursing – the founding initiative in the country designed to empower nurses as innovators and entrepreneurs, where she founded the Nurse Hackathon, the movement has led to transformational change in the Nursing Profession. In early 2019, Rebecca, Co-founded and is President of SONSIEL: The Society of Nurse Scientists, Innovators, Entrepreneurs & Leaders. Rebecca is an experienced Nurse Entrepreneur, founding HireNurses.com in 2013 which was acquired in 2018 by Ryalto, LTD UK, where she served as the Managing Director of US Markets until its acquisition in 2019. Currently, Rebecca serves as the Chief Clinical Officer of IntelyCare, Inc. Rebecca is passionate about empowering nurses and creating communities to help nurses innovate, create and collaborate to start businesses and inventions to transform healthcare.

Kelley Reep

Kelly is a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) in critical care. Kelley came to nursing as a second career after corporate training, freelance writing, and motherhood. She works at a Level 1 Trauma Center in the Southeast. Kelley is a passionate advocate for the bedside nurse, as well as a conference speaker (see her at AACN NTI this May) and the nurse consultant for Critical Care: The Game, a multiplayer board game designed by Lakshman Swamy, MD to teach others about ICU.

Dr. Brian Weirich

Brian is Chief Nursing Officer for Banner Health’s Thunderbird hospital. Prior to his role at Banner, Brian held nursing leadership roles at Indiana University Health, University of Colorado Health, Ohio State Medical Center and the Cleveland Clinic where he started as a nurse in the ICU.  

Brian has a Doctorate degree in Health Administration from the Medical University of South Carolina and a Masters degree in Healthcare Administration from Ohio University where he also obtained his Bachelor degree in nursing.  Brian is certified in Executive Nursing Practice and has a certification in Artificial Intelligence from Northwestern’s Kellogg school of business.  

Brian is an author/speaker often arguing for the importance of the millennial “tech” generation.  He is a co-author of the book, THE NURSES GUIDE TO INNOVATION. In 2017, he began exploring artificial intelligence and crowd sourcing along with the benefits of gig economy workforces to solve existing problems. Brian is active in the healthcare startup community where he advises and sits on boards for small tech startups.  He is a recipient of the Advancement in Medicine innovation grant; from IU School of Medicine.

In his free time, Brian and his wife Lauren (also a nurse) and their five children Autumn, Tenley, River, Asher, and Brighton, enjoy everything about the outdoors and can often be found on a trail or mountainside having family adventures.