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Raising Lean Thinkers in a Lean House

Presented by Karidja Sakanogo

Parenting can sometimes be challenging. Parents are quite often expected to not only raise children, but also to raise adults. As one who is passionate about Lean management, I decided to go further by raising Lean thinkers.

The purpose of the presentation is to share the core values and dimensions of Lean management that can alleviate motherhood and fatherhood. Applying Lean principles, methods, and tools to our daily lives, we build our own “Lean house”. Thus, we are improving because we are continuously elaborating our standards and finding ways to sustain them.

About the Presenter:

Karidja Sakanogo

Karidja Sakanogo Profile March 2022Karidja Sakanogo learned from a twenty-year experience in project management, operations management, customer service, and accounting.

Passionate about Lean Six Sigma methodology and fully dedicated to promoting continuous improvement approaches, her hobby consists in contributing to companies' efficiency and profitability goals. For the past years, her main challenge has been to disseminate LSS concepts, tools, and technics in West Africa by providing training sessions and consulting services.

Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (LSSBB) and Project Management Professional (PMP), her educational background includes a Bachelor’s in Accounting and Finance, a Bachelor's degree in Technical Management, and a M.Sc. In Project Management. She is currently attending The Helms School of Government at Liberty University as a Ph.D. candidate in Public Administration.

Originally from Côte d'Ivoire in West Africa, Karidja currently lives in West Virginia with her husband and their four adorable kids. Impressed by the power of the values embedded in Lean culture, Karidja found beneficial to raise Lean thinkers. She is excited to share the depth and the breadth of "Raising Lean thinkers in a Lean house".