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Psychological Safety as a Foundation for Continuous Improvement

Presented by Mark Graban, KaiNexus Senior Advisor

Mark’s presentation will explore the connections between Psychological Safety and Continuous Improvement, using examples from Toyota, KaiNexus, and other companies. Mark will explore how we can assess the current state of Psychological Safety in teams or across a broader organization. He’ll also discuss what leaders can do to help create conditions where employees feel safe enough to speak up about mistakes, problems, and improvement ideas. 

About the Presenter:

Mark Graban

Senior Advisor, KaiNexus

Mark Graban-2

Mark Graban, long-time KaiNexus Senior Advisor, is an internationally-recognized author, speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur. Mark is an experienced leader in “Lean," change management, and continuous improvement methods, with experience in manufacturing, healthcare, and startups. Mark hosts the "My Favo