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Using Practical Problem Solving to Spread Kaizen

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The origins of the "Practical Problem Solving" approach and the connections to PDSA
  • How a formal problem solving methodology can give a big boost to your Lean or continuous improvement efforts
  • Why root cause analysis is more complicated than it might seem and why problem solving isn't always linear or straightforward
  • How to avoid jumping to conclusions about problems or jumping to solutions
  • The difference in mindset around "countermeasures" versus solutions
  • How to develop your problem solving skills and coach others

Webinar host Jon Miller co-founded the lean consulting and training firm Gemba Research in 1998, which merged with Kaizen Institute in 2011. Jon has led dozens of lean transformation projects in a wide range of industries and has helped thousands of people across 20+ countries understand and apply Toyota Production System principles. He co-authored the Shingo Award-winning book, Creating a Kaizen Culture.

Webinar Details

Originally Aired: January 12, 2016 at 2p EDT
Length: 1 hour
Hosted By: Jon Miller and Mark Graban