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Mindfulness and Leading Lean

Presented by Dave Kippen

Are you a Lean Leader who wants to learn more about Mindfulness? Do you practice Mindfulness and want to understand how to apply those principles directly to your Lean leadership? There is a strong connection between great Lean Leaders and the principles and tenets of Mindfulness.

This quick and focused session will make the connection between four key Mindfulness tenets and how they mirror and support how we practice improving hearts and minds through our Lean leadership. You will walk away with many simple ideas and concepts to practice, both on your Mindfulness journey and your Lean journey!

About the Presenter:

Dave Kippen

Dave Kippen

For the past 15+ years, Dave Kippen has served as a Lean leader, change agent, coach and educational instructor. Over the last 3 years, Dave has been on a Meditation and Mindfulness journey which has helped deepen his passion for improving the human condition on our beautiful planet. Dave’s passion is to aid in the development of leadership and growth throughout all levels of the organization. During this time, Dave has successfully coached more than 250 people through Lean 101, 102 and 103 classes, and facilitated well over 100 Kaizen events throughout the United States and Europe.

Dave’s ultimate goal is to help end workplace suffering by making the workplace a little more engaging, fun, and meaningful for employees at all levels. In addition, Dave is Bronze certified through the SME/AME/Shingo Prize/ASQ Partnership. For more information, please connect with him via his LinkedIn profile or at davekippen@yahoo.com.