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Lean for Knowledge Workers

Presented by Kim Moscarda, Director at Moscarda Solutions

In this webinar, you'll get an insight into the application of Lean methodologies in a knowledge worker environment

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how lean methodologies can be successfully applied to a knowledge worker environment
  • Learn from a case study about deployment approaches, challenges, and pitfalls
  • Explore the unique opportunities that knowledge worker organizations provide to us as lean practitioners

About the Presenter:

Kim MoscardaKim Moscarda

Kim has worked in the Energy industry for over 25 years as an individual contributor and leader across several disciplines, including continuous improvement, asset management and project management.

He is passionate about continuous improvement and believes strongly that Lean principles can be applied to any team in any industry to achieve high levels of performance. He also believes that effective leadership is essential for any organisation to transform its performance and he works with organizations to share his skills and knowledge to improve leadership capability and implement business improvement solutions.