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How to Ease the Pain of Change

In this webinar you will:

  • Uncover one common change management teaching that's flat-out wrong (and what to do instead)
  • Understand the psychology of change and its relation to Respect for People and Continuous Improvement
  • Discover the one most important factor to help transform to a Lean culture
  • Learn 8 practical steps to help teams embrace change more quickly 

About the Presenter

Jamie ParkerJamie Parker
Process + Results Leadership Coaching

Jamie has served in operations management roles for 17 years, including six years practicing Lean. So she knows first-hand the challenges, opportunities, and possibilities organizations face. Today Jamie helps organizations practicing Lean move from employee resistance, inconsistent performance, and improvement stagnation to highly engaged frontline teams solving problems and continuously improving toward organizational goals. Jamie does this by helping organizations transform their leaders using her signature Process + Results Lean Leadership Transformation Model. Jamie has facilitated workshops for the Association for Manufacturing Excellence, American Society for Quality, and Fortune 50 executives, in addition to years of coaching and facilitating in her formal management roles. She authored Chapter 6 in the book Practicing Lean and has facilitated webinars and podcasts in partnership with Gemba Academy. Jamie brings passion, fun, and purpose to her work in Lean and leadership.