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Panel: Cultivating a Culture of Learning from Mistakes

Kym Guiliotti, Director of Product
Greg Jacobson, Co-founder & CEO
Maggie Millard, VP of Customer Experience
Linda Vicaro, Senior Lean Strategist

Moderated by:
Mark Graban, Senior Advisor

As KaiNexus co-founder and CEO Greg Jacobson, MD says, “You can’t have a culture of continuous improvement without learning from mistakes.”

Join us for a panel discussion featuring five KaiNexians who will share stories and reflections about cultivating a culture of psychological safety, where people feel safe to speak up about mistakes (or other opportunities for improvement) and also feel safe to try improvements and innovations.

The panel is being moderated by Mark Graban, who has been a senior advisor to KaiNexus since 2011. He loves talking about mistakes in his podcast "My Favorite Mistake" and also wrote (and published) a new book that includes stories from KaiNexus: "The Mistakes That Make Us: Cultivating a Culture of Learning and Innovation."

If you attend the live session, you'll also be able to ask questions about our lessons learned about cultivating a culture at KaiNexus and how this might benefit you, your team, and your organization.

About the Panelists:

Kym Guilliotti, Director of Product

Kym Guilliotti-2

Kym Guilliotti is a seasoned  Product Management leader with over 10 years of experience across various industries including healthcare and manufacturing.  As Director of Product at KaiNexus, she and her team are responsible for intimately understanding the operations, needs, and challenges of KaiNexus's customers and utilizing that information to deliver high-value software solutions that empower organizations to drive efficiency, collaboration, and excellence in their continuous improvement efforts.



Greg Jacobson, Co-founder & CEO

Greg Jacobson-1-1Greg Jacobson is the Chief Executive Officer and a co-founder of KaiNexus. He is an ER doctor that is fanatical about the single biggest barrier holding companies back from greatness - their lack of continuous improvement work. It has taken him down the path of developing KaiNexus. He also loves pickles, playing squash, and hanging out with his insanely awesome wife and daughter.




Maggie Millard, VP of Customer Experience

Maggie Millard-1

As the VP - KaiNexus, Head of Customer Experience, Maggie educates the continuous improvement community, KaiNexus customers, executives, managers, and staff in just about every industry you can think of about improvement principles and KaiNexus' continuous improvement software. Her desire to improve the American healthcare system combined with a love of spreading knowledge to the far reaches of the internet inspires her work with KaiNexus every day. Maggie graduated from the College of William and Mary in 2010 with a BA in History. She spends her free time hanging out with her two kids and furbabies in the mountains of Virginia.



Linda Vicaro, Senior Lean Strategist

Linda Vicaro-1-2

Linda has over 17 years of experience in lean and continuous improvement work, primarily in the healthcare industry. Over the course of her career, Linda has worked with employees and leadership at all levels to improve quality, reduce waste, simplify processes, and promote a customer-centered focus in all work. As a Lean Strategist, she works to understand customers’ unique continuous improvement cultures and helps ensure their use of the platform is optimal to enhance that work.