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Coaching Strategies for Leaders

Presented by Steve Kane, Director of Coaching and Certification for Gemba Academy

Part of a leader's job is to help people develop or improve capabilities. Coaching is quickly becoming a highly demanded skill set for leaders at all organizational levels to not only to help people get things done, but also improve their skills so that they can work more independently. There are important differences between coaching and teaching, mentoring, advising, or consulting.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • the role of a coach and the person being coached in a business environment
  • recognizing opportunities to coach and covert coaching
  • coaching models
  • coaching as a leadership technique
  • where to find learning resources

About the Presenter:

Steven Kane HeadshotSteve is responsible for Gemba Academy's lean coaching and certifications. Prior to Gemba Academy, Steve had a diverse career ranging from being responsible for a large medical device sales territory, plant manager where he leveraged lean methods to drive improvement, and VP Operations at Specialty Silicone Fabricators where he led the lean efforts of the company. He has served on the western region board of The Association for Manufacturing Excellence and has worked with the Michigan Lean Learning Consortium and the California Central Coast Lean Forum.