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Apply Operations Science to Accelerate Success Now

Presented by Ed Pound

Operations science describes the fundamental relationships that drive operations performance. However, the concepts are not widely understood or applied properly. Join us for this webinar with Ed Pound, Managing Director of the Operations Science Institute to:

  • Learn a fundamental, expensive problem that plagues nearly all organizations yet is widely unknown
  • Participate in an exercise to see if this problem affects your organization
  • Learn some basic concepts of operations science and how the field can be used to accelerate your organization’s success right now, with your existing people and technology. No capex needed

About the Presenter:


Ed Pound


Ed Pound is the Managing Director of the Operations Science Institute, lead author of the book "Factory Physics for Managers," and co-author of the upcoming book "Applied Operations Science." Ed has over 35 years of experience managing, coaching, and training in operations across many different industries and countries and in businesses large and small.