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Continuous Improvement Software Comparison Matrix

Download this free matrix to:

  • See a list of all features and functionality available in improvement platforms
  • Calculate a weighted score for each platform based on available features and your organization's unique needs
  • Make an educated, intentional choice about which improvement platform is the best fit for your organization


KaiNexus Makes it Possible to Start, Spread, & Sustain Improvement




  • We've identified over 1600 improvements and implemented over 75% of them with an impact of nearly two million dollars. Ron Smith, Mary Greeley Medical Center
  • KaiNexus is that one repository where anybody can look at what ideas have been submitted and what projects are being worked on. Elizabeth Harris, Sargent Aerospace & Defense
  • KaiNexus connects diverse teams in locations around the world so that they can learn from improvements being made elsewhere. Alice Quesenberry, Qorvo

The KaiNexus Advantage




Spread and sustain your improvement culture by engaging more people at every level.

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Drive more improvements across the finish line with an increased rate of change.

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Know, grow, and show your impact using real-time reports with the details that matter.